The Busada Lab

Circa 2021

Jon is from central North Carolina. He received his BS in Biology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. He then earned his Ph.D. from East Carolina University. His dissertation research focused on spermatogenesis in Chris Geyer's lab. In 2015, he joined John Cidlowski's laboratory at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) at Durham, NC. In 2020, he started his lab at West Virginia University.

Jonathan Busada Ph.D.


Jordan hails from southwest Pennsylvania and earned his BS in Biology from Penn State University. After graduating, Jordan worked at research labs in the Endocrinology & Neurology departments at the University of Pittsburgh. He then joined the Neuroscience department at West Virginia University. He joined the Busada lab in July of 2020. Jordan studies the effects of endocrine disruptors on the glucocorticoid receptor.

Jordan Pascoe (Lab manager)


Stuti is from Nepal. She received her BS in microbiology from Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus at the Tribhuvan University, Nepal. She earned her MS in microbiology from St. Xavier’s College, Nepal. Stuti joined WVU in 2018 and joined the Busada Lab in the fall of 2020. She studies the role of glucocorticoid signaling in macrophages.

Stuti Khadka (Ph.D. candidate)


Sara is from Baltimore, MD. She received her BA in biology from Goucher College. After graduating, she worked at the American Red Cross as a laboratory technician before joining the Busada Lab in the fall of 2020. Sara studies the effects of glucocorticoids on Helicobacter-induced gastric inflammation and metaplasia.

Sara Druffner (Ph.D. student)

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Ben is from Montcalm, WV. He received his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences Pre-Medicine from Bluefield State College. Ben studies the effects of androgens on gastric inflammation and how androgen signaling may increase gastric cancer risk in men. He is also an advocate for science literacy and wants to improve science communication in underserved areas like southern WV. Ben joined the Busada lab in the fall of 2021.

Benjamin Duncan (Ph.D. student)

Undergraduate Researchers

Maeve Morris

Alex Chervenick

Emily Peles

Shrinidhi Venkateshwaraprabu

Previous Lab Members

Kylie Peterson BS - Kylie is currently pursuing an MR in physiology at NC State